Curiomancy starterkit

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€ 2,50

A collection of 15 charms, with a lot of different kind of trinkets, including metal pendants, wood slices, nuts and seeds, plastic figures and more. They come in a little matchbox or a small pouch with a long cord, either way, easy to take with you.


But what is it?

Curiomancy, or charm divination, is the art of insight through the use of trinkets. You turn your trinkets into charms by assigning them a value or meaning like love, family, career or luck. Then you read the items by tossing them on a throwing cloth or other surface and looking at the locations and meaning of the tossed items, interpreting how this might apply to your life or question.

A folder with more information will be included with the set.


Other uses

The charm collection can also be used to calm your mind by giving your head something to focus on. Take out one trinket at the time and hold it in your hand to choose a purpose. Maybe move it around, feel it, look at it intently or just pick the first thing that comes to mind. Doing it slowly is a good way to practice meditating, but fast may work better when your mind is racing and needs quick input. It may also help to have someone else take out the items one by one and hold them up to you, that way you can give in to whatever moving your body needs, but still get distracted from the racing and focus on something different.