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Most of my patterns start with a magic circle. I tried to show how to do it in the pictures down below. I hope they are sufficient. If they are not, please let me know, so I can improve them.


Examples where I used a magic circle:

  • Mushroom
  • Acorn (blog and tutorial coming soon)
  • Cupcake (being developed)

The tutorial


How to hold the thread

A magic circle is made by holding the thread in a loop (no knot), making a number of stitches on that and pulling the loop closed. The trick is to hold the loop in a way that makes that possible. Hopefully these pictures explain it well enough.

Making stitches

The first stitch is made like any other stitxh, just make sure you hold the loop and don't let it slip.

Closing the circle

Continue with making stitches untill you have the amount you need. This circle has four stitches, which is the start of my mushroom hat. After that we pull the thread by the short end, all the way through to tighten the circle.


Close the circle with a slip stitch by pulling the thread through the first loop and the loop on your hook and your done! 

Go on to create something nice. Like a mushroom pouch or something.

Good luck!

And let me know whether this was helpfull in comments below or through any of my social medias.

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